Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My 4-year-old has some strange phobias, but the weirdest is the most recent addition -- The Lion King. I'm talking serious phobia here, she can't even look at a Lion King picture in a book or a toy in the store in case it reminds her "about the dad."

This is probably my fault. What was I thinking, suggesting a child with a stay-at-home-father watch that movie anyway. Although I can't help be a little disconcerted at just how supremely unconcerned she was when Bambi's mother died. Hmmm.

I can't talk, though. I have my own weird phobias, like my insane fear of dead flies. I am literally terrified by them. Even writing this is making me break out in  a sweat. Think you've seen fear? Just watch me around a fly paper. LOL. The weird thing is, my son already has the same phobia and he hasn't even seen mine...I think...I guess it's one more thing to feel guilty about!

Do your kiddos have any strange phobias?

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