Saturday, January 29, 2011

Disney on Ice

My daughter and I went to see Disney on Ice for our Mommy and Me day yesterday and I cannot recommend it highly enough! The show was amazing, it was very high energy and kept my daughter's attention throughout. She loved all the participation, shouting at Mickey not to eat the poisoned apple and helping the fairy godmother do magic.

We are Toy Story fanatics in this house so needless to say the finale when all the Toy Story characters came out (even including Rex and Evil Dr. Pork Chop) was a huge highlight. And we both loved all the princesses, they did some amazing lifts and spins during those routines.

I thought it was really reasonably priced (we paid $15 with a promotion and were practically front row) and great value for money. Of course they make it back with the extortionate concessions ($10 for cotton candy, really?!) but even so, I would definitely recommend it. We had a great time!


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