Monday, January 10, 2011

Really Living Your Life

Browsing The Huffington Post this morning I came across this article by Joe Robinson, a work-life balance trainer and personal coach. It was a good reminder of something I need to remember more often - in life, slow down, and enjoy the ride.

Thinking back to when I was a kid, I remember wondering why we had to pack so much into the weekends, why we had to rush to get things done, and why vacations needed to include so many additional trips and sightseeing opportunities. Now I'm sure my children have the same thoughts from time to time. After a week at work, and knowing the next one is coming up fast, the temptation is definitely there to stretch as much productive time as possible out of the weekend, get as many chores done, only fitting in 'fun' activities according to a strict timetable.

But the message the author gives us in the article can be summed up in one paragraph:

"The things that make you efficient and in control at work operate against you on the life side. Having everything figured out, never straying too far from routine, an aversion to risk and spontaneity -- it all stifles the full expression of life. The most optimal moments come from surrendering to your experience (a crucial feature of optimal experiences, or "flow"), stepping into the brand new, and not holding back."

In a way, trying to be organized is completely antithetical to what the author is saying. But from my perspective, being organized about certain areas of your life (the boring parts, like housework and doctor's appointments) can free up your time enough so that you can spend the weekend exactly as you choose; doing nothing, if you want to, other than relaxing with the kids and playing the days away. In the end, it still all comes down to that concept of balance (which for me, is still a work in progress).

But, it's Monday morning and I'm headed to the office so it's probably time to get my game face on! Happy Monday everyone!


Organized Working Mom

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