Thursday, January 27, 2011

Making Eating Out More Affordable

No matter how organized you might be, there are some days when work has been rough, everyone is tired, everyone is grouchy and the last thing anybody wants to do is cook.

Eating out is really expensive and seems to have gotten even more so over the past few years (or maybe that’s just because I’ve gone from paying for a meal for two to paying for a family of four). Anyone who eats out with kids knows that kids meals can be expensive and definitely add to the cost of the meal.

Many restaurants offer a “kids eat free” night. But the trick is finding out when those nights are. Some restaurants will also let you combine a kids eat free night with a coupon (not all do, so check this before you go). You can very occasionally even stack a gift certificate from (wait for them to have their $2 gift certificate sale) with a coupon and the kids eat free night. Be sure to check the fine print for each of the offers first.

Here are some websites where you can look up your area to see what restaurants have a kids eat free night, and what time they are at.


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